Welcome to BusyMomMD.com, an informative site for modern, educated professionals who are juggling career, family and community life. Many topics are discussed to help you manage your daily life. As an experienced mom of four and an Internal Medicine physician, I will share with you my strategies on successful, harmonious living. Some items I will share include my specially designed personalized flowsheets and books on how to be successful in every step of your life.
Two books by Dr. Farzanna: Harmony of the Spheres & Lead with Your Heart!
Learn my strategies on living a more balanced, succcessful life!
Flowsheets by Dr. Farzanna
I have created personalized Flowsheets. A mother's MUST HAVE - flowsheets to monitor 3 important stages in a baby's early life

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Flowsheets by Dr. Farzanna

I have created flowsheets to monitor the growth of my own four kids. This made my life easy as a physician and mother to devote my time to my children. Charting their daily life also doubles as your child's own personal diary of their infant and toddler years! The flowsheets will help you organize and monitor your baby's growth keeping them healthy and happy while you balance your career with being a mom.
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  • Elected as the 2014-2015 National President of American Medical Women's Association. AMWA is an organization which functions at the Local, National and International level to advance women in medicine and improve women's health.
  • Selected as a Host/Anchor/Medical correspondent for Mission Critical health
  • Selected as a woman of outstanding leadership in Healthcare by The International Women’s Leadership Association: May 2012

Host/Anchor/Medical Correspondent
for Mission Critical health

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I believe that women can be real supermoms when they take a more harmonious approach to career development, family and community life. Organize your life with my useful tips on how to strike balance in all aspects of your life. This site covers various topics like Education, Family Fun, Travel, Health, Nutrition, Parenting as well as Healthy Recipes. I also recommend a few products which will help you in your daily life juggle.
From Preschool to Medical School to a successful career! I have helpful tips to guide you through important steps of your life from my own experience.
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Some Educational products I recommend
Floor Puzzle - US Map
Kinex - Math Set

Have fun with your Family - plan Activities, Vacations, Games, Parties etc. with your loved ones. I have given useful tips to make every event successful.

Family fun products I recommend
ThinkFun Zingo
Scrabble Game

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Health & Nutrition along with WEIGHT LOSS is a demanding issue for all Americans. Dr. Farzanna has developed programs which helps family conquer the need to be healthy.

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Dr. McDougall's Veg Soup
The early baby years are precious! From breastfeeding to traveling with an infant, make your life easy with Dr. Farzanna's recommended products.
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