A Guide for Achieving a Healthy Mind, Body and Soul


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With the daily struggles of life, it is often difficult to maintain a healthy balance for your mind, body and soul. However, it is not impossible. The best way to stay physically, mentally and spiritually fit is to treat each aspect as part of a complete package and improve yourself in increments. You can achieve this balance with a positive mindset and a strong commitment to your goals.

Getting healthy involves making changes that affect every component of your being. The simplest place to begin is by improving your emotional state. If you are mentally strong and motivated to succeed, you can face life with confidence. The best ways to enhance your mind is to do daily activities that challenge your mental capacity and encourage critical thinking. Activities can range from doing simple crossword puzzle to attending lectures.

When it comes to maintaining a healthy spirit, everyone is different. For some, a satisfied soul is one that provides a sense of knowing life is bigger than what can be seen. This can be obtained by focusing on spirituality each day. Stay positive and concentrate on your daily successes, no matter how insignificant they may seem. Taking care of your soul will put you on the path to finding your true self, which will allow you to lead the life you were meant to.

You can easily transform your body into a healthy machine by making small changes over time. A healthy diet should consist of 6 to 8 small meals that focus on white meat proteins and vegetables. Make healthy food choices, and include foods that are rich in fiber as well as omega 3 fatty acids. Reduce the amounts of food you eat at each meal gradually, and avoid fasting for long periods. When it comes to exercise, 30 minute sessions of uninterrupted physical activity each day is ideal. You can walk, dance, swim or engage in sports as long as you are up and moving.

Maintaining a healthy and happy lifestyle involves taking care of the total package. Your mind, body and spirit work together as part of a unique unit. If you want to find balance, you should consistently give each piece of yourself adequate attention. It may take some practice and some lifestyle changes, but in time, you will see a permanent transformation. Your overall well-being will improve, and your mind, body and soul will thrive.

Eating Habits

  • Divide meals into several smaller manageable, balanced portions throughout your day. I typically have 6 small meals a day
  • Increase your protein content and vegetables, complex carbohydrates should be in the lowest proportion.
  • Eat naturally grown, antibiotic and chemical free foods with no preservatives. Try growing your own herbs and seasonings. You are what you eat!
  • Portion control! My rule of thumb: 50% protein, 40% vegetables, 10% complex carbohydrates on your plate. If dining out, take home the left overs. Never feel compelled to finish all that is served to you.
  • Eliminate late evening carbohydrates!
  • Hydrate with water!! Eliminate sodas, alcohol, artificial and sweetened juices. I recommend pure coconut water for hydration instead of sweetened , artificially colored sports drinks. Keep caffeinated products to one cup per day.
  • Increase your fiber content with grains, fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Grill, bake, broil or steam your foods. Avoid frying or using saturated fats.
  • Season with fresh, herbs and make your food taste as good as it looks. The eating experience begins with an inviting visual appeal to your foods. Family members will be much more likely to "dig in" if your meal looks delicious.
  • Cook your own foods! You know what you are putting into your body when you cook. Give yourself back control over what you ingest!
  • Involve family or friends in cooking activities! Besides building strong bonds, you are teaching science, organization , observation and responsibility to your family!

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