A Guide to Stress-free Education


Helpful education tips:

  • Make sure children have a designated study area with all the necessary supplies kept in an organized, user friendly set-up
  • Academics, homework and projects are priority! Help your children prioritize their work until they learn to keep track on their own! Allow them to use a planner and rewards can be given for keeping on task.
  • Encourage your children to create their own supply lists for projects. Encourage brain storming sessions and help them organize their project needs at first until they can on their own. Encourage independence.
  • Allow siblings to help each other for homework and projects while you supervise. Be ready to "jump in" as a helper (not project manager!!...that's your child's job!) if siblings get overwhelmed or are bogged down by their own projects.
  • Reward work well done! Positive reinforcement every step of the way!
  • Make travel an educational experience! Research your destination before travel. Not only will your family learn together, it will reinforce their experiences and enrich their knowledge base.
  • Read, read, and read some more! Reward reading and encourage siblings to read to each other. You can read and ask questions about the story to encourage paying attention the details and to fine tune language comprehension.
  • Vary your modes of education: books, cd's, virtual programs and travel are different ways of having an educational experience.
  • Encourage questions and a healthy intellectual curiosity from your children. Help them to explore various subject areas until they find what they enjoy.