A Guide for Budgeting & Financing


Read my top 10 rules!!

  • Rule #1: Always live within your means!! Never try to keep up with the proverbial Jones'. That is an easy way to build up debt! This is especially pertinent for the "extras."
  • Rule #2: Take care of your needs before your wants. Essential to make sure your family has food, shelter, medical care,education and personal care items before all other extras are considered.
  • Rule #3:Fun can be simple and not always an extravagant production. Explore simple crafts, "stay-cations" in your locale, road trips and local theatre, sporting activities and entertainment.
  • Rule #4:Treat your savings like a mandatory monthly bill. Put something away for a rainy day, no matter how small the contribution.
  • Rule #5:Invest wisely and seek financial planning. Learn about market trends and seek advice on how to help your savings grow.
  • Rule #6: Diversify yor financial portfolio. Never put all your eggs in one basket!! If the market takes a dip you will not be completely in the red if you diversify your savings and investments wisely. Talk to your financial advisor for sound advice.
  • Rule #7: Combine work and fun: If your employers allow a stipend for educational lectures, programs, ask their advice on their rules for family travel. You may be able to mix business with pleasure and family fun!
  • Rule #8: Look for off season travel and event discounts and shop for items off-season. You will save more than bundle!
  • Rule #9: If using a credit card, make sure you rack up reward points!! These can be used from travel to household items. Many companies offer rewards, make sure you benefit from spending when you have to!
  • Rule #10: Teach your children financial literacy and the value of money. I recommend Cashflow for kids board game. As an adult you can learn about passive income and other methods of creating a sound, positive financial flow.